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mERP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Every day we receive several emails with different questions, requests and wishes. Thank you for being actively involved in our project! We decided to collect all mERP frequently asked questions in one place. Let’s go!
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Barcode scanner integration with Odoo

In latest release of mERP we added possibility to use barcode scanner with built-in camera. As long as our application was originally planned as generic, we made it possible to attach barcode scanner to any one2many field. So first of all lets take a look on how final integration looks like. Read more

mERP Odoo Cloud

09/17/2014 – Odoo SAAS mobile and other changes on mERP

Good news for all users of mERP Odoo mobile application. Support for Odoo SAAS is now available starting from version 1.0.106. You can use mERP with your Odoo SAAS account ( If you have not yet installed Odoo mobile client it’s time to download it on google play (one month free) or buy full version on our site. Read more

How to buy mERP licenses

How to buy mERP licenses?

This article is describing steps to buy mERP licenses for your individual or company use. If you want to sell licenses with us please go to a partnership page and submit your request for partnership.

It is very simple! Please looks at the screenshots, all actions take 5 minutes. Read more

Open Days 2014: mERP – Odoo mobile application!

On 5th of June our company presented a new Odoo mobile application at Open Days 2014. The name of the application is mERP. We got around 100 visitors who came to look at us. Fully functional one month trial of application can be already downloaded from google play.


Below is video of the whole presentation and highlights of the main points, for those who unfortunately were not able to visit us. Read more

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