New big update. “mERP” and “mERP Warehouse” support Odoo V10 now

merp odoo 10


Good news for all users of mERP and mERP Warehouse. Now our native mobile applications for Odoo support Odoo V10!

Using “mERP” application you can connect your devices to Odoo Community (V7 / V8 / V9 and V10) or Enterprise edition starting from Odoo V7.

Users of “mERP Warehouse” can run the app on mobile handheld devices using Odoo V8, V9 and V10 (Community + Enterprise).
Note, both apps are in beta. Please report us all issues using “feedback” menu in the app. The support department will fix them as soon as possible.
Soon we’ll announce more new features and publish the full guide for the app.
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Additionals links:
mERP frequently asked questions
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Soon: How to process Picking Waves in Odoo using Barcode scanner

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