How to run Ventor on a professional barcode scanner

odoo barcode scanner

In this guide, you will learn how to connect a professional handheld barcode scanning terminal to your Odoo WMS.

You can also connect a barcode scanner to your Odoo WMS in other ways:


  1. If you use Zebra mobile computers, please check these instructions;
  2. Install the Ventor app on your device (Download Demo APK);
  3. Connect to your Odoo instance (Odoo 8 – Odoo 11, CE and EE);
  4. Activate appropriate setting in Ventor app. Go to the settings menu and turn on the setting “Activate external barcode scanner”;


  1. To check how it works you can go to “Info” menu and scan a barcode of any product you have using the external scanner;
  2. If no success, you must probably activate some “Keyboard output” setting in the settings of the device (usually activated by default).

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