Creating SO, PO, processing Putaway via a barcode scanner

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Dear users and partners!

We released a new functional update for Ventor that includes the following features:

Putaway and changing destination location

You can put products away in the related locations directly during receiving and track all movements via a barcode scanner. New arrivals will then be available for your sales guys in Odoo immediately. Now you can change a destination location of goods during any warehouse operation.

Read the full guide here >
And watch this short video


Scan goods to create a Sales Orders

If you are managing a small-scale wholesale store, this feature may be very useful for you.
You can create sales orders in the system while walking together with your customers around your warehouse shelves. You just scan picked items via a barcode scanner, and once the shopping is done, you have a ready SO.

Read more here >
And watch here


Scan goods to create a Purchase Orders

Your procurement manager can create purchase orders on the go directly from the warehouse. He just walks around shelves, evaluates stocks and scan products that need to be refilled. Choose a supplier and a purchase order is automatically created in Odoo.

Check out the guide here > (To be added soon)
And watch this video

Please check the version of your app (1.5.8+) to make sure the latest features are available. If you have not installed the app yet, you can download it from Google Play (15 days trial) or from our official site.

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